So far, so good as far as food goes … I am still working on getting more exercise into my life.  I really feel that this is it; that I am truly going to do it this time.  I am working on changing my way of thinking about food.  I truly want to believe from the bottom of my soul that I am eating to live and not living to eat.  I have always admired those people who despite how boring salads can get, they always order a salad when we go out to lunch.  Sometimes I would order a salad but mainly so I could order a very sweet dessert and not feel as bad.  Now I won’t be ordering that dessert and I feel pretty confident that I won’t.  It is not that I won’t be tempted to cheat.  I know I will feel tempted but I feel that I am gaining the tools (slowly but surely) to combat those times.  Now to get more exercise into my life.  I am going to learn more yoga poses and also do the sitting in a chair exercises that will be easier on my joints.  I also need to find the time to go to the rec center therapy pool to do my water exercises.  These things I’m having more trouble with than eating the right foods.  But I will persevere and tackle these things, too.  I don’t want to die so I will continue this change in lifestyle so that will be less likely to happen.10418347_1053544664668232_6048874059272992530_n