I was so stubborn for so long about my food intake. I was like a petulant child who wanted what she wanted when she wanted it. I let myself get up to 284 lbs. and getting extreme heel pain before I finally GREW UP!  I can’t let that petulant child get away with her wanting everything when she wants it.  She needs discipline and now I am giving it to her.  It is funny that all the pain I was already in from multiple joint arthritis, the not being able to go on real hikes with my boyfriend, my other health problems – you would think those would have been enough for me to grow up … but they weren’t, obviously.  I am ashamed to say how much I weigh but feel I must to make it REAL and help me to stay on this journey toward a healthy lifestyle full of outdoor activities eventually.  🙂  I appreciate my support group captain Andi McCaffrey and for my nutritionist and friend, Robyn Priebe and for my doctor Ruth Cody as well as my other friends who are supporting me in this endeavor.  I also appreciate my boyfriend who is 100% supportive of me doing whatever it takes to succeed in this and other areas of my life, as well.  I will do this.  I am a grown up finally at 57 years old.  That doesn’t mean I will lose my playful child that is a part of me but the areas that I need to be a grown up, I will be.  I don’t want to lose a sense of wonder and play that the child in me still needs but when that child needs discipline, I’m going to give it to her now where I haven’t really in the past in any area of my life.  I may still die young.  A healthy lifestyle is not assurance of a long life but I don’t want to die young because I didn’t do anything to stop it.