Lost 11 lbs. so far … 3 lbs. this last week … yay!   Something most of you don’t know about me is I used to be in shape … yep, in shape. I am not one of those people who has been fat all their lives. I have not been fat all my life. I used to play racquetball at least 3 times a week and mostly played with guys because well (and I know this sounds sexist but it was true in my hometown) … the guys made me work harder and didn’t accept any laziness … the girls mostly wanted to change the rules to make it “easier” to play. I’m sure in this day and age this wouldn’t happen but that was how it was back then in my hometown at least … will i ever get to that kind of shape again? probably not but i will be happy if i just lose 100 lbs. … although losing all 150 would be nice … 🙂 …  oh well 11 lbs. gone so far … a long way to go but I do take it a day at a time and hope for 1-2 lbs. per week and don’t really think of how many pounds I need to lose all the time … the pounds really crept up on me and my son when we did theater and were never home and ate fast food a lot … and that’s really where we both learned our horrible eating habits …. i know this makes me a bad mom in that department but on the other hand who can say they spent their years between 8 and 18 totally immersed in theater like my son can say … i just should have been more aware of the food we ate and brought along baggies of fruit and veggies … and ate salads or something for suppers … but I didn’t and now we both are paying for it … anyway … I’m on my way to a healthier life and I hope my son will follow me in doing this, too.