Hello everybody! I’m Sabrina and I am a compulsive overeater and binge eater. I just wanted to check in to say my 1st day on my food plan was so so so so hard! But I managed to get through it. But I definitely now think the nervousness yesterday was more of a withdrawal symptom. Today is a little better. I managed to make my lunch to bring to work (instead of getting fast food) and I managed to eat my breakfast before work (instead of going through the fast food drive through for breakfast).  I also did not forget my water bottle.  It’s a nice one that holds ice all day long!  I forgot it yesterday and ran into the dollar store to grab a bottle of water.  That was hard because that is my go to place to purchase snacks and cokes.  But I didn’t go there.  I just got the water.  🙂  I have started working the steps via a working the steps guide that is on-line.  I mentioned it in a previous post and the results of my beginning to work the guide.  Thank you all for being here.  I’m going to try to share this blog post in our group.  I hope it works!  🙂