I long for a simple life.  I tend to complicate my life.  No matter how hard I try to simplify my life, I always end up complicating it somehow someway.   I gave up the Steampunk Festival.  I have said no to requests that I run for various things in town.  I have said no to reinvigorating my neighborhood association.  My plan was to just #1 visit with my grandkids | #2 nurture my relationship | #3 go to my day job and one day retire from there | #4 continue writing at least one weekly article for the Springfield Reporter |#5 continue my quest to declutter.    This seems so simple and I am doing these things.  And yet my life still feels so complicated.  I guess it is because I need to work on several areas of my life to better myself: my physical health | my emotional and mental health | my financial health | my spiritual health.  These quests then require work to improve them which means I have to be more organized and come up with systems to help me succeed in these.   Plus, just dealing with my mental health stuff and physical health stuff just wears me out.  Chronic pain wears me out.  Depression, anxiety, ADHD all make me have to work really hard to appear normal.  I still battle them even though I am on plenty of medications to help me in these battles.  This all wears me out.  My boyfriend has the ability to truly lead a pretty simple life.  He goes to work although will be retiring in October.  He comes home.  We eat supper.  We watch television.  He goes to bed somewhere between 9:30pm and 10:00pm.   On Friday nights we usually go out to eat somewhere.  On weekends he reads a lot.  On Saturdays at noon we get Chinese take out.  We watch more television.  We watch a lot of television.  He sometimes works on projects around the house.  I usually cook suppers and he usually washes dishes.  He does the laundry.  He shovels the snow.  He mows the yard.  His life is pretty darn simple.  He rarely goes to the doctor.  He goes to the dentist on a regular cleaning basis.  He is not on a lot of meds.  He seems to have his mental health and physical health under control mostly.  He has one box for all his paperwork.  I have a couple of file cabinets worth.