So yesterday was very good up until I arrived at my son’s home to babysit my 4 grandkids.  There were two plates of goodies on the counter.  Oh no!  I even brought my food plan snack food and meals and yet there I was picking up a couple almost every time I walked past the counter.  I did stop.  And I’ve done good since then.  I mentioned on an OA facebook group that I feel kind of high.  My first day on my food plan, I white-knuckled it.  It was very hard to stay abstinent from my binge foods.  But I did it.  Then the next day, yesterday, I felt like I was on a high most of the morning.  And even though I messed up last night, this morning I feel kind of high.  I’m not sure if this is normal.  It probably is though, I’m thinking.

I also have finished Step 1 work from Lawrie C’s step study guide.  I will move on to Step 2 soon.