header_BagOfGroceries_b84a_headerToday I overspent at the grocery store.  I rarely do this.  I recently started OA (Overeaters Anonymous) and met with a nutritionist and she wanted me to add some things to my food plan that I don’t usually have so I spent a bit more getting that set up.  ALSO, before starting my step work in OA, I ate out a lot.  I went through the drive through for breakfast and just about every day at lunch and bought tons of snacks and cokes at the dollar store.  So really, I am saving myself money by buying stuff for breakfast and lunch at my weekly grocery shopping time.  But usually I pay for all those snacks and breakfasts and lunches out myself but now Gary is having to pay half of my extra stuff.  I told him I would take all my extra stuff off but he said that it was okay although he was not happy that I almost doubled our grocery tab.

My binge eating and over indulgence in eating and my obsession with eating has also fueled the failing of my financial situation.  Eating out so much and buying so many snacks has just about done me in.   This is really what brought me to my realization that my overeating had made my life quite unmanageable – it was double trouble for me.  I packed on the pounds and it depleted my bank account.   Something had to change.  For me to improve my financial situation, I almost had to battle the food thing first and foremost.  If I didn’t do that, then I would never improve my financial situation.

So, I don’t know if I actually overspent or not.  I guess not because of the less eating out and the more fixing things at home situation.  I just cannot afford that each week though so I have to figure something else out.   Maybe I can purchase the things I’ll actually be eating while at work separate from my weekly shopping trip for us and just buy these things myself.    I think that is the answer.