It is now 12:45 am on 02 April 2017 so this post will be about yesterday even though it seems right now to still be today.  I’m not sure if that just made sense to anyone else but it made sense to me at this moment in time.  🙂

Yesterday (Saturday, the 1st of April) went well.  I started the morning again with that floaty euphoric high feeling that lasted for a bit into the morning.  I’m not sure what it is but I’ve heard talk of something called the pink cloud when starting overeaters anonymous so I am assuming that is what it is.

I did not stray off my food plan although I did not have everything on my food plan such as nuts, cheese, etc.

Breakfast | cereal with milk
Snack | Greek yogurt
Lunch | peanut butter & jelly sandwich
Snack | cut up pineapple from the veggie section of the grocery store
Supper | Salad with a little chicken and a little bit of ham, feta cheese, apple dices

Okay wait, I did go off a little in that I ate a granola bar (a very thin small granola bar) after I came upstairs to my home office after we watched television and Gary went to bed.   So I did do that and I’m not supposed to be eating anything that late.  But other than that, I’ve done really good.

I did not feel like I am white-knuckling it.  But weekdays have always been my danger times so we’ll see how I feel on Monday!