Yesterday was good.  It is always easier on the weekends though.  Today I ate breakfast at home, fixed my lunch to bring to work, and filled a bag with healthy snacks to have at work today.  Even with “healthy” snacks I have to learn portion control.   Even though my nutritionist said a healthy snack could be cheese and triscuits, she didn’t mean 20 of them.  🙂   I am less nervous today for today about not having mega unhealthy snacks at the ready.  I truly have to take this process – this working the steps and staying abstinent from binge-worthy foods – truly one day at a time and as many addicts know, sometimes it definitely is one moment at a time.

I am still feeling a bit of that euphoric floaty feeling in the mornings – even now as I write this.  I am still not quite sure what it is but it isn’t anything bad, of course.

Today I am feeling hopeful that today I will learn from working the steps and sticking to my food plan that there is a chance I can change my relationship with food.  I cannot do it alone.  I need my higher power.  I need my sponsor.  I need my step work.  I need my nutritionist.  I need my primary care doctor.   I am going to start trying to add going to on-line meetings and hopefully  the one meeting in my general area – in Bellows Falls.