Step 2
“Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”

The first thing Lawrie C’s asks us to write is a list of emotional reasons to return to foods we shouldn’t be eating and/or emotional reasons to return to eating behaviors that we know we should not be indulging in.

Emotional reasons for returning:
His first four resonate with me so I am putting his first four here and then will add any of mine that I come up with.

1.   I’m very depressed.  What will make me feel better?
2.   I’m very happy.  How can I celebrate?
3.   I’m lonely.  What would make me feel better?
4.   Too many people love me.  What will make me feel better?
5.   I’m nervous at work because I am afraid I’ll make a mistake.  What will help me focus?
6.   I’m apprehensive about working on a project that I know I need to be working on?  What will help me get started and continue focusing on the project?
7.   I’m happy that I’m out to lunch or breakfast with a friend and that makes me feel celebratory.  What could make me feel even more celebratory?
8.   I am feeling very anxious today.  What can calm me down?
9.   I made a mistake at work.  What can make me feel better?
10. I had an argument with my boyfriend and feel sad and/or angry.  What can make me feel better?
11. I am very frustrated.  Stuffing my face will make me feel better.
12. I am very annoyed.  Stuffing my face will make me feel better.

Stupid reasons for returning:
1.   I want what I want when I want it.  I’m a rebel.
2.   I’m old so why not enjoy my last years by eating whatever I want?
3.   I already screwed up by eating something I shouldn’t have, so I’m just going to eat some more.
4.   I went into the dollar store and spotted all my snacks that just kept begging me to buy them and take them back to work with me.
5.   I ate a salad for lunch so I can have that yummy dessert.
6.   My boyfriend and I are out to eat so I should treat myself and eat whatever I want.
7.   I have left the house or work in my car.  What can I grab to eat that I cannot eat in front of my boyfriend?

My plan of action against returning to these old behaviors and/or foods:
1.   Make sure when I do my weekly shopping that I purchase the foods I need to help me stay on my food plan.
2.   Eat breakfast at home every day.
3.   Make your lunch every day and take to work for lunch that day along with the various healthy snacks on your food plan.
4.   If my mind starts thinking about food even if it is thinking about food in the future, immediately either get up and walk outside and/or around for a minute or two OR write in my journal immediately about what I’m feeling, what triggered the thought.