I mentioned under my “financial plan” page on this blog that I have always been terrible with money.  I do not seem to have the gene that helps one plan and make the right decisions around money.  I have as unhealthy a relationship with money as I do with food, it seems.

I had created an excel spreadsheet to try to keep up with everything but it is on my computer and I couldn’t access it anywhere else so I moved it all into a google drive spreadsheet.  This should be a little easier to keep up with, I think.

I am caught up on my credit card payments albeit minimum payments but I am way behind on my medical bills.  I am so afraid I will not be able to pay my lease payment one month that I keep leaving a lot of money in the account just in case.

Something I have noticed already now that I have an OA food plan and am trying to stick to it is that I am not spending as much per week on snacks and drive-through meals because I don’t purchase those items anymore.  I am going to save a lot of money by working on my relationship with food.   This will be a definite win-win.