My sponsor asked me to add two more lists to my group of lists:
#1 Abstinence Plan – Food & Behaviors
#2 Plan for maintaining abstinence and talking back to ‘non-abstinent’ cravings while working the steps
#1 Abstinence Plan – Food & Behaviors
FOOD to maintain abstinence from
*** Donuts
*** Cookies
*** Chips
*** Candy
*** Cokes (or any sugary drink like that)
BEHAVIORS to maintain abstinence from
*** Going through a drive-through or going into a store to buy something just because I got out and about in my car
*** Eating until I feel so stuffed I can’t breathe
*** Sneaking food in my purse to take upstairs to my home office so I can secretly eat
*** Obsessing over what I’m going to eat next whether it is healthy or not healthy
*** Eating as soon as I feel hunger even if it is not time for my next time I can eat on my food plan
*** Thinking that since I am eating out, I can eat and drink whatever I want because it is a “treat”