I am falling behind again on posting here daily especially my OA posts.  The last few days have not been good for my OA abstinence and step work.  I sometimes wonder if I do actually want this – if I do actually want to change my relationship with food.  It is like I set myself up to fail.

I need to get better at time management.  I used to use something called The Pomodoro Technique. pomodorotechnique-logo Find more about it at:  https://cirillocompany.de/pages/pomodoro-technique … It seemed to work.  But since “inconsistency” is my middle name – okay not literally my middle name – but … I didn’t keep it up.  This is the story of my life – the life of inconsistency.  I am sure it has something to do with my ADHD but it sure is disheartening when another plan I have bites the dust.   I am going to try to revive it though.  I just need it to try to get everything done.

I need to make a good master list and prioritize things, too.   I have to discontinue wasting time on ancestry.com, pinterest, facebook, etc.  It seems when I get overwhelmed I go to something mindless.  It is really still a part of my addiction (food addiction) in that I manage to escape from what I really need to be doing by either eating, visiting facebook, visiting pinterest, and/or visiting ancestry.com.    I spent a good part of an hour today just scrolling through wall art on wayfair.  Why?  Am I ready to purchase wall art?  No.  So why am I wasting time looking at all of it?  The only answer I can come up with is that I want to escape from the hassles of my life.

This is all for now.  My eyelids are getting so sleepy so I  am off to bed.