Well, I haven’t had an OA check in for a while.  It might be because I fell off the wagon? and I was too ashamed to post that in a check-in post.  I will post one soon.  I need to do some more work on the steps and I need to stay in touch with my sponsor.

I am truly powerless over this food addiction.  I know for people who do not have this type of addiction they cannot understand why it isn’t as easy as saying, “No.  I do not need this therefore I will not eat it.”   Sometimes I wish I could shave off my tastebuds.  I really do.  At least then, I would truly eat to live instead of live to eat because nothing would have a taste.

I finally paid some of my medical bills.  I didn’t pay them off.   I just paid $10.00 each bill.  At least it is something.  I haven’t paid a thing in 2 months.  I did get caught up on my credit card bills.  Again, I didn’t pay the full amount owed, just the minimum, but at least I am making the effort to pay on them.

I have put in a proposal to someone to work 8 hours a week at the same pay rate I get at my day job.  I only work my day job 4 days a week so this would just add one day to what I already work.  I have a chance to make a difference in some people’s lives if I do indeed get this job I created plus I need the extra money to try to eventually get caught up on all my bills.  I will continue to work on at least one article a week for the local paper, as well.

My boss is out of the office all week and so I have promised myself I will get 100% caught up so that when he gets back I can hit the ground running keeping everything running smoothly.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and is my day off from my day job.  I have a full day planned.   This could be a good thing or it could be bad thing.  I really get tired every day and with doing one thing after another, I fear I will be exhausted.  I have a breakfast date with my friend Darlyn unless she postpones it.  I sent her a message to confirm we are indeed meeting tomorrow morning at 9am but I haven’t heard back from her.  At 11:30am I have a dental appointment.  At 12:30pm I have my therapy appointment.  At 2:00pm I hope I will be heading out to VINE Sanctuary to interview Pattrice about the sanctuary – just waiting on a confirmation from her.  At 3:30pm I have an interview for the paper lined up with a guy who runs one of the main businesses here in Springfield.  I am hoping after that I still have the energy to run over to my grandkiddos house and get some hugs and kisses.