Wow, it is May already!

A couple of months ago I had sudden extreme headaches on the right side of my head.  My doctor feared I had temporal arteritis and put me on prednisone.  The headaches did go away and also another miracle happened.  The arthritis in my neck and knees eased up immensely – so much so that I could once again just get up from the couch with ease and get up out of bed in the morning with ease.  Before it had gotten so bad that any time I stood up I had to stand there for a few moments while I got my legs to work underneath me.   I hate knowing I will go back to this soon since the prednisone treatments have ended.  I did start taking two capsules of turmeric and I have a list of anti-inflammatory foods from my nutritionist.   If my headaches do not reappear then I do not have temporal arteritis.  If they do reappear, then I possibly do have it and I will have to have a biopsy done on that artery to confirm and to see how bad it has gotten.  Left untreated, temporal arteritis simply can cause blindness.  Scary stuff.

During the time I was on prednisone I swelled up some and binge ate – two symptoms I found out later are consistent with taking prednisone.  My weight ballooned up to 284 lbs.  Once I started taking turmeric I started peeing a lot – getting up at least 5 times during the night for about two nights and now it is down to getting up once or twice during the night.  The swelling of my ankles went down quickly and so did my weight.  It went down to 279 pretty quickly and now I am down to 277.

Yesterday, I was 100% abstinent from my abstinence list of foods to stay clear of.   I worked the 1st step and the 2nd step but my sponsor feels like I just did those like an assignment and did not really “feel” the step work.  So I am going back to square on First Step and trying to do better – meditating a bit on the work as I do it so hopefully the feelings will come.

more later ….