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Check-In ::: Day 11 ::: 31 Aug 17

(previously posted on facebook)

Day 11
! Unbelievable !
I am still food sober
with no real cravings
or temptations
I don’t know what else to say
except I am very grateful
and I hope this stays with me
Again, thank you all for
your support & encouragement.
It helps!!! Believe me!!!
Have a fantastical day, y’all!


Check-In ::: 30 Aug 17

(previous posted on facebook)
Day 10
Whole 30 Program
I am still food sober.
I am feeling better in the mornings.
I feel less tired mid-afternoon
(probably because I am not in a
sugar high crashing type of situation)
I’ve lost 2 more lbs.
I know we on Whole30 are not supposed
to be weighing especially as often as I do,
but …..
I just cannot thank you enough for your
support and encouragement during
my change into a new person
an authentically me person
who has been here inside me all along
just waiting for me to care about her
and to start nurturing her
and to start feeding her healthy things
and to stop poisoning her
okay, I’ll shut up now
Thank you !!!

Weight: 266
(5 days – 3 more lbs.)

Check-In ::: 29 Aug 17

(originally posted on facebook)
Thank you all for your
support & encouragement
as I go through this major life change.
Whole30 Path to change my life
I remained food sober yesterday and last night.
I feel pretty good this morning.
I’m not a morning person so …. 
Anyway, I plan to stay food sober today!
I truly just keep reminding myself,
“How do you want your future to look?”
and then I imagine the two paths
and today I choose a path toward
healing this body that has
been poisoned for years!

SunButter ! ::: 28 Aug 17

Found this Whole30 compliant sunbutter at Wal-Mart of all places!

I’ve been looking at labels like crazy and all the almond butter and cashew butter has some kind of canola or peanut or whole30 non-compliant oils in it.

I was so shocked when I read this label and there was nothing whole30 non-compliant in it and it tastes so so so much like peanut butter.

I dare say even a little better!    


Check-In ::: 28 Aug 17

(first posted on facebook)
It is the morning of
my Day 8 on the Whole 30
I hope!!!!!!
Will check in again tonight
to let y’all know how it went.

Feeling pretty good though
although just a little nervous
about my seeming to have this
in the bag … I mean. I hate
to have negative thoughts
but the one that keeps
popping up is:
“When is this going to just stop
and I’m back to my cravings again.”
Pray for me.
Thank you for all your support
and encouragement!


Check-In ::: 27 Aug 17

(first posted on facebook)
Day 7
of the Whole 30
I feel like some kind
of magic dust was thrown on me
I am not feeling any cravings
nor getting any temptations.
It may be because I have fruit
and this takes care of my sweet tooth?
This may not last forever.
I’m sure I’ll end up
having some hard days.
But for now I’m thankful
that the cravings & temptations
are not present at this time.
The only thing I’m having
trouble with is the
eating three full meals a day
with protein at each meal
but if I have to be having trouble
in some area, I’d rather this be it!
Thank you again for all of your
encouragement and support.

Check-In ::: 26 Aug 17

(first published on facebook)
Day 6 of Whole 30
Well the end of Day 6
I am still doing it, y’all!
and at this point in time
I am not having any real moments
where I wanted to screw up
Like I mentioned before,
what helps me so far not screw up
is my asking myself
What do I want my future to look like
and then I envision the two lives
my doctors so vividly described to me
and I choose not to continue with the life
that looks like more and more pain
and more and more misery
for the rest of my life
So Day 6 is ending
and I’m still food sober

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