(first published on facebook)
Hello there.
This is my 2nd day on the Whole30.
I did not time my morning right and
did not get to eat anything for breakfast.
I am so hungry but I have not gone off the Whole30
– well except part of it is not skipping breakfast.
I am going to leave in a bit for my ortho appt
and I am going to go by Perkins Deli I think
and just get my scrambled eggs there.
I am drinking water and I am pretty busy
so although my stomach grumbles every once in a while,
I remind myself of what i talked about yesterday with someone,
feeling hungry is okay and
what normal people feel.
I’ll get better at my timing.
Thank you for all your support!
It is greatly appreciated.


As some of you know
I missed breakfast this morning
due to my time management
not syncing yet with what all I have to do.
So I literally did skip breakfast 
which is a no-no in the Whole30
but better than EATING a no-no!
I went to Shaw’s and bought
some things to take to work:
> watermelon already cut up
> cantaloupe already cut up
> bananas
> two herbal teas with no sugar or honey
> pre-packaged salad with egg and diced ham
> Olive Oil and Vinegar Dressing
with no added sugar
(Paul Newman’s)
to put on my salad that came
with a creamy dressing
I am SURPRISED by how many
“healthy” things have a sugar added!

Weight: 273