(first published on facebook)
3rd day on Whole30
got up in time to fix my breakfast
eggs scrambled with kale & spinach
i have my water bottle full of ice water
i have a banana here at work for when i feel hungry
i have tea here that i bought so i’ll have a hot tea
at some point when i feel hungry
i know there are skeptics … rightly so!
how many years have i been whining
about losing weight and how hard it is?
with my two doctors sitting me down
and telling me seriously i have to lose the weight
or i am in for more and more pain
and more and more misery
for the rest of my life
i have to make a choice
and today i choose whole30
now i need to work in a morning walk
i feel a little less nervous so far this morning
thank you for your support and encouragement

Weight: 272