(first published on facebook)
Hello there.
4th day of Whole 30
I am still hanging in but this morning I find
myself kind of lethargic and depressed
I assume it is because my body is trying to
figure out what I’m doing to it.
Next week will be easier (not easy but easier)
because I will do a much better job at
planning for the week ahead.
So far when I’ve thought about unhealthy food
my next thought has been (well question actually)
What do you want the rest of your life to look like?
So far this has helped me stay on track even
when i had absolutely nothing to eat.
I know just like an alcoholic with alcohol,
if I eat that one donut –
that one breakfast sandwich –
that one fast food burger –
that one soda –
I will go back to my old ways
and it will be even harder
the next time I try.
So for today I choose to
stick to my Whole 30
no matter what.
Hunger is okay.
Hunger is normal.
Thank you all for your continued
support and encouragement.
I really have to take it a day at a time
or it looks way too daunting a task
to ever think I could finish.

Weight: 271