(first published on facebook)
Good morning beautiful spirits!
Day 5 of the Whole 30
I woke up feeling good and not lethargic
and depressed like yesterday.
I have a meeting first thing at 8am
but I’m going to try to get a quick walk in.
I also stepped on the scales and
::: drum roll :::
I’ve lost 6 lbs.!
I do know this is mostly
water weight and
that people always lose a bit
more in the beginning
but it still felt good
to get below a certain mark.
Thank you all for your continued
support and encouragement
and especially those who
actually know me and know
what I’ve been through
and have seen my many attempts
to lose weight over these years.
I hope you all have a happy
and healthy day today!

Weight: 269
(1 day – 2 more lbs.)