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Check-In ::: Day 26 ::: 15 Sep 17

26 Days
Whole30 Program
I cannot even believe it myself!
I know many thought I wouldn’t do it this time.
Because they have heard me say so many times over the years:
“This is it!  I’m going to do it now!”
But the big difference now is when I look at the two choices,
the only two choices there ever are,
I do not choose the rest of my life to be less and less mobile,
more and more pain, and more and more misery.
I just do not want that for myself or for my loved ones.
I choose the rest of my life to at least have a chance of
living a long life full of walking, hiking, camping, etc.
with my muscles being re-energized
and my fat leaving my body.
I am still food sober.
26 Days.
It is truly a miracle.
For anyone who has known me a while.
They know this is a miracle.
Although not as many of you come to my blog
as you did to my facebook postings,
I still appreciate your love and support and encouragement.
I truly do.


Spiritual Bankruptcy

I often feel spiritually bankrupt and I am drawn back to Orthodoxy.
There are some things I don’t agree with but it comes closest to what I need for my soul.
I miss the services and how close to God I feel when I am in an Orthodox sanctuary.
I miss visiting the monasteries in California (St. Xenia Skete in Wildwood & St. Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina).


Trapeza at St. Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina California

The first picture above is of the trapeza at Platina.
My son helped build I think it was the reader’s stand but it is not in the photo.
I have been here many times and dined here many times.
I miss it.


St. Xenia Skete – Wildwood California

The second photo above is of St. Xenia Skete, one of the buildings, but I think it is the chapel.  The nuns all built all the buildings themselves.

Oh did I mention that both monasteries are wilderness monasteries … off the grid …

I remember staying overnight at Wildwood and it was so cold and I couldn’t get the wood stove to work so I slept in my coat … but I so did not want to leave Wildwood.

I know I will never again be able to visit in my lifetime.  I so wish there were Orthodox monasteries out here close by.

But, there are two churches: one in Springfield and one in Claremont.  I know more people at Claremont because my son and daughter-in-law and grandkids went there for a while before they left Orthodoxy 😦    and now they are deeply involved in their new church and that’s great!

But my stomach hurts when I think of them leaving Orthodoxy … they both had been Orthodox since they were around 18 years old so that’s a long time.  But, some things happened a few years ago that hurt their hearts (nothing against them, just something major that someone they loved very much did and it caused our original group to scatter to find canonical churches – long story) and it weighed heavily on their hearts for a long time until they made the decision to leave Orthodoxy behind.

I plan to visit the Springfield Orthodox Church this Sunday and try it out.  It is much much smaller than Claremont’s but that’s probably a good thing.  🙂


Check-In ::: Day 25 ::: 14 Sep 17

Day 25
Whole30 Program
What can I say?
I feel like I am a different person from who I was a month ago.
I don’t mean in the way I look but instead because of the way I feel about food.
I no longer have a childish attitude when it comes to food.
Will I never slip?  I’m sure I will at some point but I have not yet.
And, I pray, that if I ever do slip that that
does not mean I will not continue one day at a time to stay food sober.
I will refused to let a slip derail me.
But, I haven’t even had a desire to slip so far.
Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.
For those who continue to support me, encourage me, love me
and to those who have bothered to follow my blog
I don’t get as many comments here as I did on facebook
but I wanted to establish my blog so I am sharing it on facebook
instead posting the same thing on my facebook timeline
but I’m not sure how many are coming here and reading it.
I really would like to see comments here as well as on facebook.
It helps me feel more like a real blogger if people are commenting.
Weight: 259 (same as yesterday)
(down 15 lbs. since starting Whole30)
(down 29 lbs. from my highest weight)

Check-In ::: Day 24 ::: 13 Sep 17

!!! Holy Cow !!!  Day 24  !!!
on the Whole30 Program
I am food sober for 24 days.
I feel like another person has taken over
and is driving me toward health with less pain!
I don’t think I have ever felt this way about food before –
like ever.
Now I next need to add more exercise without causing
a lot of pain afterward like this week –
the pain is finally getting better today – not good but better
but I know I cannot walk that much in one walk for now.
I am going to try to get back to the Rec Center.
I need to be in the therapy pool doing exercises
and I need to join a pool aerobics class
If there is one in a timeframe I can attend.
Oh I just cannot thank you all enough
for your support, encouragement, & love
Weight: 259
(down 15 lbs. since starting Whole30)
(down 29 lbs. from my highest weight)

Check-In ::: Day 23 ::: 12 Sep 17

(published on facebook first)
!!! Day 23 !!!
Whole30 Program
Yes, believe it or not,
I am still food sober.
It feels so weird.
I don’t think I can go
on long walks for now.
Going on that long walk on Sunday
and then going grocery shopping?
It has really thrown my body out of whack.
😦 goodness gracious …
all of my joints are aching and
making me feel so yucky.
But it also motivates me
to keep on this journey
or this kind of thing will get worse.
I know I just need to join the rec center again
and start going to the therapy pool
and exercise there until I lose enough weight
that I can actually go on long walks and
I won’t pay for it later.
and this is not muscle pain.
it is pure joint pain and
my achilles bursitis that is flaring up, too.
okay i’ll shut up now …
Thank you Thank You Thank You
for being here for me.
Your support, encouragement, love
are so deeply appreciated!
❤ ❤ ❤
Weight: 260
(14 lbs. lost this time around since 21 Aug 17)

Check-In ::: Day 22 ::: 11 Sep 17

(also posted on facebook)
Day 22
Whole30 Program
Continuing to be food sober.
Still working on getting the
technical aspects of it better
(eat three full meals)
(eat protein at every meal)
I have lost 13 lbs. in 22 days
so that isn’t too bad.
I know.
Don’t think about losing weight.
But that is what got me into this program:
the realization that I had to lose weight
or my life would be full of misery.
I went on a wonderful walk with my friend Stacy
yesterday on the Tree Farm Campground trails
and then I went grocery shopping.
Man, am I feeling it last night and today.
Today is a little better than the extreme pain I had last night.
Oh thank you so much for continuing
on this journey with me!!!
I so appreciate your encouragement,
support, and love. I truly do!

Check-In ::: Day 21 ::: 10 Sep 17

(previously posted on facebook)
Yes, you heard it right!
Day 21 !
I am still food sober.
I am feeling better.
I am going for a walk with Stacy today.
I have not been walking every day.
I’m still trying to improve my time management skills.
I am still not having major cravings or temptations.
They come up, of course.
I was at the birthday party with my grandson yesterday.
They served cake. I did think for a moment,
“Gosh I wish I could have a piece of cake.”
But then I just thought … well one day when
your relationship with food is healthy
and you’ve lost your weight,
then you could treat yourself
from time to time
without it totally screwing up your plan.”
Anyway …
Y’all just do not know how appreciative I am
that you continue to show me support,
encouragement and love
during this journey – this quest – of mine.
Thank you.

Weight:  261
(5 more lbs. in 11 days)
(13 lbs. in all since 21 Aug 17)

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