(previously published on facebook)
Day 13
Whole30 program
I managed to go to my grandson Christopher’s birthday party tonight and eat no cake nor ice cream. I wasn’t really even tempted. I did prepare by bringing some apple slices and watermelon chunks. I did just fine.
I still believe the only reason I am able to do this this time
is because my doctor gave me two choices and they really are the only two choices I had – either do not lose the weight and continue to get more and more pain and lose more and more mobility and live a life of more and more misery for the rest of you life OR lose the weight, reverse some damage you have done to your body, relieve pressure from your knees and hips, regain more and more of your mobility, have a real chance to enjoy the rest of your life.
That’s it.
Those are my two only options!
So I continue to say to myself if I have any thoughts at all of cheating, “What do you want the rest of your life to look like?” and then I envision myself being healthy, taking long walks easily, hiking, camping, etc.
No poison food is worth losing these possibilities anymore.
Again, I cannot thank you all enough for being here and giving me encouragement and support.
It means the world to me.
It truly does.