(previously published on facebook)
Okay y’all
Today I came to a realization.
My tendency to binge is still here.
I didn’t binge on anything non-compliant
with my whole30 program
but I did binge on watermelon and apples
and that is not good.
I found that I was wanting
to munch on something to help
me focus on my work.
One of the many things I have to work on
are these types of tendencies.
I have to learn to focus and do my work
without having to be chewing something.
I cannot chew gum due to my dental situation,
in case anyone was going to suggest that. 
I do not consider myself having screwed up.
I just consider myself awakening to
the many ways I fool myself.
So …. not to worry.
I will just do better from now on!!