(previously posted on facebook)
Yes, you heard it right!
Day 21 !
I am still food sober.
I am feeling better.
I am going for a walk with Stacy today.
I have not been walking every day.
I’m still trying to improve my time management skills.
I am still not having major cravings or temptations.
They come up, of course.
I was at the birthday party with my grandson yesterday.
They served cake. I did think for a moment,
“Gosh I wish I could have a piece of cake.”
But then I just thought … well one day when
your relationship with food is healthy
and you’ve lost your weight,
then you could treat yourself
from time to time
without it totally screwing up your plan.”
Anyway …
Y’all just do not know how appreciative I am
that you continue to show me support,
encouragement and love
during this journey – this quest – of mine.
Thank you.

Weight:  261
(5 more lbs. in 11 days)
(13 lbs. in all since 21 Aug 17)