(also posted on facebook)
Day 22
Whole30 Program
Continuing to be food sober.
Still working on getting the
technical aspects of it better
(eat three full meals)
(eat protein at every meal)
I have lost 13 lbs. in 22 days
so that isn’t too bad.
I know.
Don’t think about losing weight.
But that is what got me into this program:
the realization that I had to lose weight
or my life would be full of misery.
I went on a wonderful walk with my friend Stacy
yesterday on the Tree Farm Campground trails
and then I went grocery shopping.
Man, am I feeling it last night and today.
Today is a little better than the extreme pain I had last night.
Oh thank you so much for continuing
on this journey with me!!!
I so appreciate your encouragement,
support, and love. I truly do!