(published on facebook first)
!!! Day 23 !!!
Whole30 Program
Yes, believe it or not,
I am still food sober.
It feels so weird.
I don’t think I can go
on long walks for now.
Going on that long walk on Sunday
and then going grocery shopping?
It has really thrown my body out of whack.
😦 goodness gracious …
all of my joints are aching and
making me feel so yucky.
But it also motivates me
to keep on this journey
or this kind of thing will get worse.
I know I just need to join the rec center again
and start going to the therapy pool
and exercise there until I lose enough weight
that I can actually go on long walks and
I won’t pay for it later.
and this is not muscle pain.
it is pure joint pain and
my achilles bursitis that is flaring up, too.
okay i’ll shut up now …
Thank you Thank You Thank You
for being here for me.
Your support, encouragement, love
are so deeply appreciated!
❤ ❤ ❤
Weight: 260
(14 lbs. lost this time around since 21 Aug 17)