26 Days
Whole30 Program
I cannot even believe it myself!
I know many thought I wouldn’t do it this time.
Because they have heard me say so many times over the years:
“This is it!  I’m going to do it now!”
But the big difference now is when I look at the two choices,
the only two choices there ever are,
I do not choose the rest of my life to be less and less mobile,
more and more pain, and more and more misery.
I just do not want that for myself or for my loved ones.
I choose the rest of my life to at least have a chance of
living a long life full of walking, hiking, camping, etc.
with my muscles being re-energized
and my fat leaving my body.
I am still food sober.
26 Days.
It is truly a miracle.
For anyone who has known me a while.
They know this is a miracle.
Although not as many of you come to my blog
as you did to my facebook postings,
I still appreciate your love and support and encouragement.
I truly do.