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WOW – Check-In ::: 21 Aug 17

I am so embarrassed that I have not been here all summer.

I got way off my lifestyle change plans and although I should have been blogging about it, I dropped off of my blog.

So recently my psychiatrist (who I go to to get my ADHD med prescription) turned to me and said that he was about to get serious with me.  He then told me that he has seen in my records that I have had increased pains in my body.  He told me that I am still at 59 in the ageframe that I could turn some things around.  He said that it was simple choice: don’t make a lifestyle change and lose weight and spend the rest of my life in increased pain and increased misery OR I could finally truly make a lifestyle change and have at least a much better chance of living out my life healthy and happy and although not free of pain, at least the pain will be reduced due to not having the extra weight on my joints.

Then I went to my primary care person for a scheduled appointment and she basically told me the same thing.  She said she was going to message my therapist to ask her to make sure in my sessions we stay on task and focus on the psychological aspects of my food addiction and obesity.  We tend to stray and just end up yakking.  She said that she and my therapist and my psychiatrist will form a team with me.  She said all they could do is advise, support, encourage, etc. but that I had to do the hard work.

So I am back trying to make a true lifestyle change.  A few of my friends have been doing the Whole30 and my son and daughter-in-law did it for a while.  My friends suggested I try it because they say it has changed their lives. So I’m going to give it a go.  The first 30 days is extremely strict and I have to get used to PREPARING foods.  I have become so spoiled with convenience foods – just open a package and pop it into the oven, microwave, or on the stove stop.  So I will be working out my timing in the mornings and in the evenings and on weekends to do real food preparation with real food.

My boyfriend was afraid I would spend a ton of money at the grocery store preparing for this new lifestyle change.  He was surprised when I came home with basically 1/2 the cost of my usual weekly shopping.  I told him that because I am not buying a lot of  pre-packaged foods, I spent less, and was still able to get organic pork chops and organic angus beef burger.

HQ Colorful Grunge Textures

HQ Colorful Grunge Textures

New Starting Weight:  274



Check-in | 24 April 2017

I made this a basic check-in even though it will include my OA check-in, as well.

HQ Colorful Grunge Textures
I found this quote while searching for another quote and it really resonated with me. Anyone who destroys themselves with food is not their own friend, at all.  I would not destroy a friend and keep them on a path of slowly Read more…

OA Check-In | 21 April 2017

imagesThe bingeing has not stopped and I feel like I am on a runaway train.

I DID go to a face-to-face OA meeting Monday night with a friend.   I did feel a little hope after hearing success stories from people.

I mentioned to my therapist yesterday that I seem to have this resistance to giving anything up and yet I fear for my life at the same time so I really do not understand why that is not enough to get me to do what I need to do to live.


OA | Step 2 continuation #2

My sponsor asked me to add two more lists to my group of lists:
#1 Abstinence Plan – Food & Behaviors
#2 Plan for maintaining abstinence and talking back to ‘non-abstinent’ cravings while working the steps
#1 Abstinence Plan – Food & Behaviors
FOOD to maintain abstinence from Read more…

Eat to Live – Not – Live to Eat

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(Please note that this image is an image of a poster for sale on amazon at … I just didn’t want to post it without giving credit.)
Today I am having a few good moments and a few not so good moments mixed in throughout the day.  I know, intellectually, this is probably the norm for most people.  Emotionally, it feels like an intense roller coaster ride.   I may be 58 years old but I still believe I can, with help, rewire my brain on many levels.   I do have ADHD and supposedly a lower spectrum Read more…

OA | Step 2 Work cont’d

This is a continuation of work on Step 2 using Lawrie C’s step guide.

In this part of Step 2 work he asks that Read more…

OA Check-In | 04 April 2017

Yesterday was a big test because work was chaotic and hectic and I don’t do well with chaotic and hectic.   But, it helped that I pre-planned and had the food I needed to have at work with me at work.  It was still very difficult and it did feel like a bit of white-knuckling it because I really wanted to run out to the store and buy a bunch of stuff to help me feel “not nervous”.   I did not do it.

Yesterday I did good on my food Read more…

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