Spiritual Health| Physical Health | Mental Health

My Spiritual Health
I would consider myself a Christian who tries to follow Jesus’ teachings without getting into other people’s business about how they live their lives.

I would consider myself still an Orthodox Christian even though I do not really go to services anymore.  I am planning to go back to the Orthodox church.  I feel so much peace when I go there.

I am trying to build back up my spiritual life as I feel sometimes I am spiritually bankrupt.

My Physical Health
I have quite a few maladies and I’m working on losing weight to help ease some of them.

Osteoarthritis in my neck, knees, hands |Achilles Bursitis | Fibromyalgia | TMJ Disorder

Although I am focusing on changing my relationship with food rather than trying to “diet”, I will post any weight loss I have.   I am going to try to just weight once a month.   I had already lost a few pounds before starting my new food plan and before I did that  I had gotten up to 288 pounds.

30 March 2017 | 277 | Starting Weight
06 April 2017 | 276 | one week, one pound
well kind of went off every thing but now I’m back – for good!
21 Aug 2017 | 274 | beginning weight this time around
12 Sep 2017 | 260 | 14 lbs. gone … never to return!  🙂
24 Sep 2017 | 254 | 20 lbs. gone from this latest journey
& 34 lbs. gone from my highest weight

I cannot find where I measured before although I’m sure it is somewhere.
I finally got one of those measuring tapes that seamstresses use rather
than trying to use the like carpenter’s measuring tape to measure.
I think I am down but not sure since I have not yet found where I wrote the beginning measurements.

24 September 2017
Bust 55 | Waist 47 | Hips 57 |
Right Thigh 29 | Right Calf 15.5
Left Thigh 29 | Left Calf 16

You know you have gained way too much weight when your thigh size is larger than your waist used to be.  I actually used to have a 26 inch waist!

My Mental Health
I know some people don’t like labels but it helps me knowing what is wrong with me.

I want to show that people can have these disorders and can sometimes manage them without going on disability.  For now, I’m managing these via pharmaceutical medications but part of this journey, this quest I am on is to see what I can do more naturally to manage or disappear my myriad of maladies.  I have these.  They are not to be taken lightly.  It will take a while to get to the point where I understand herbs and foods and how they work to help keep some of these at bay so I may not even ever get there.  But that’s why they call it a journey, right?

I have the following disorders:
Clinical depression | Generalized anxiety disorder | ADHD | PTSD | baby bi-polar | baby OCD

and I’m an addict – a food addict – a spending addict

I am not on disability.

I work 40 hours a week at a small one-lawyer law firm to pay my bills (read:  “it’s my day job.”) and I write a weekly article for our local newspaper, the Springfield Reporter.