My life partner is Gary Parker and we have been together 5 years as of 13 Nov 2016.    I will try to add photos to this page soon so you can see our beautiful families.  Also, part of our family is my little dog Lucy who has been with me for a long time now and traveled a lot with me.  Her full name is Lucy Sky Diamond Smith.

My son is Michael Dustin Lewallen and he has a family of 6 including his wife, Amanda and their four kids, Gideon, Christopher, Nyna and Joseph.  He is a carpenter and a volunteer firefighter and an amazing son, an amazing father, an amazing husband.   I am very proud of him.

Gary has two daughters that he raised, Amy Bedi and Jodi Goldsmith.  Amy is married to Jason Savage Bedi and they have a daughter, Freyja Bedi.  Jodi is married to Danny Goldsmith and they have a son, Jackson Goldsmith.

My mother, Doris McMinn Wilson, still lives back in Batesville, Mississippi where I grew up. My biological father, Billy Ray Smith and my wonderful stepfather, Edward Merrill Wilson, both have passed away.  I have a half brother, Mike Smith, who lives in Florida.  I have another half brother, Richard Smith, who lives in Florida.  These brothers are both from my biological father and their two moms.  I have a stepsister, Vicky Wilson, who passed away.  I have a stepbrother, Wayne Wilson, who lives in Senatobia, Mississippi and I have my sister, Maranda Wilson Whitworth, who lives in my hometown of Batesville, Mississippi along with her husband Steve and her three kids: Noah, Miriam, and Levi.

Gary’s parents have both passed away and he has a brother in California and his sister, Lori, who lives in North Springfield.