Springfield, Vermont in 1886
Once a booming hub of innovators & inventors, time has changed this little town. Machine shops have mostly gone away but their buildings remain and mostly not salvageable anymore.  A good sized group of people are working hard to revitalize the town but it is a long slow process.

We have a lot going for us.  We are an excellent nature destination.  We are set in a valley with the Black River running through the middle of town with a couple of sets of picturesque water falls as it winds its way through town and connects with the Connecticut River at the edge of town.
Picture found on Springfield Vermont Blog

There where the two rivers connect is a boat landing and a bay where ice fishermen set up their ice fishing cabins in the winters.
Picture by J. P. Sicard, Inc.

We have a bike path that runs a good portion of the Black River with extensions planned. We have lots of places to hike and to kayak.


We still have a lot of pristine acreage that is still considered part of Springfield.  You don’t have to drive far to find yourself “out in the country.”

We have a hospital, a grocery store, a fast food joint, several restaurants, 3 pharmacies (2 of which are small and local), two elementary schools (one is K-2 and one is 3-6), a high school, a tech center, and a satellite community college.

We are home to Stellafane, an amateur telescope makers club.  The national convention for amateur telescope makers comes to town once a year.  https://stellafane.org/