Check-In ::: Day 20 ::: 09 Sep 17

(previously published on facebook)
Well hello there.
Day TWENTY !!!
Whole30 program
I was happy yesterday
that I did not binge on fruit.
And, if anyone wonders why
it would not be good to binge on fruit,
it is because it is keeping an old habit
of binging which doesn’t mean just eating
fruit off and on all day. It means eating fruit
until I am about to burst and until I am almost sick.
That is bingeing.
I am feeling better, I think, slowly –
although my knees are still crying
but hopefully over time they
will cry less, at least ….
Thank you all so so so so so much
for being here and being my constant
support, encouragement, and love.


Check-In ::: Day 19 ::: 08 Sep 17

(previously published on facebook)
Yes, it is Day 19!
of the Whole30 program.
I am still food sober.
Although I realized I am not
doing some things the program
says to do … like eating a real
breakfast and a real lunch,
I am still food sober and
I am going to change my ways
and try to get up early enough
to fix my breakfast and make
sure I have something for lunch.
It is a ton of preparation to succeed
at this program and I have succeeded
in a number of ways but not this one yet.
Anyway …. I cannot believe it is Day 19
and I am still food sober …
Thank you so much all of you for
your support and encouragement a love!


(previously published on facebook)
Okay I am still food sober
but am still not really doing what
I am supposed to be doing on the Whole30 program.
I am still rarely eating a real breakfast
and sometimes I don’t eat a lunch really
and I just “snack” throughout the day.
It may be Whole30 compliant food but ….
This is really not changing my mindset really.
I am still in the mindset that I need snack all day.
So … I’m going to try to get better …
make better plans – create betting timing,
… bleh …
don’t worry this will not make me go off.
i just need to get 100% up on that wagon
and not hanging off the side lopsided.
ya know?

Check-In ::: Day 18 ::: 07 Sep 17

(previously published on facebook)
Day 18
I am still food sober
on the Whole30 program.
I have not cheated.
I gained a pound.

I know. I know. Stop weighing.
But I am so afraid that I’m
not doing the program correctly
and that I will be gaining and
don’t even know it.
I hope this is a temporary
situation and is going to
soon reverse that trend!
I truly have not been cheating.
I wonder if I just ate too
much for supper last night.
Maybe my portions were bigger
than they should have been.
But I won’t let this trip me up.
I promise.
I will continue to be food sober.
Thank you y’all!
I appreciate y’all!!!!

Check-In ::: Day 17 ::: 06 Sep 17

(previously published on facebook)
Could it really be?
my 17th day on the Whole30 program?
okay yesterday I had a very very hard day.
I did not cheat even a little but I felt like crap
all day long – like I had been hit by a truck!
The inflammation in my knees was also acting up.
I thought the Whole30 program cut out inflammatory foods
and added in a lot of anti-inflammatory foods
so what gives, man?!?!?!?!?
I got through it without going to my
go-to foods of which I will not mention.
so that is a miracle in and of itself.
I guess I am slowly learning
that it is okay to feel like crap
every once in a while.
It doesn’t mean I give up
the life I’m building by poisoning
my body and my soul!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
for your continued love, support,
and encouragement.
It is more appreciated than
you will all ever know. 🙂

Check-In ::: Day 16 ::: 05 Sep 17

(previously published on facebook)
Day 16
Whole30 Program
I feel like a miracle
has taken place!
Went out to lunch
with my friend Melody
after we toured a tiny house
in Bellows Falls and went to
Jamaica Cottage Company
to look at some more!
We went to Harlow Farmstand
and Cafe and I had a huge
salad – just basic with cucumber,
onions, tomatoes, etc.
and balsamic dressing.
I also had a delicious
fruit smoothie that I was
told had NO sugar added
and was pure fruit.
Thank you so much y’all
for your support and encouragement!
I really couldn’t do it without you!


Check-In ::: Day 15 ::: 04 Sep 17

Day 15
Whole30 Program
I woke up this morning
and I did have a craving

i’m confused!
but i’m not going
to give into the craving.
i just have to go
downstairs and fix
something whole30 compliant
like right now!!!

2 more lbs. gone!
so 10 in all for the
first 15 days …
nothing to notice yet
but i’m on my way …
thank you once again for all of your
encouragement and support!!!!

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