12 September 17
I am beginning to go through all of my “things” and I’m getting rid of what I do not need.   I would like to now get down to what I could put in a tiny house.  I am starting to collect things for the tiny house such as boxes of tile, flooring, siding, wood, etc.  My son is allowing me to store things in his shed.  I want it to be mostly salvaged materials.  It seems the tiny house movement has lost its way somewhat.  Originally, it was a way for someone to build themselves and live in it with no mortgage or debt.  Now they are selling already built tiny houses for upwards of $80,000.00 (with a lot) and upwards of $40,000.00 with no lot.  It is ridiculous really.  Someone who buys that tiny house will have a mortgage and they do not get the satisfaction of building it themselves.  But … to each his own.  🙂