I often feel spiritually bankrupt and I am drawn back to Orthodoxy.
There are some things I don’t agree with but it comes closest to what I need for my soul.
I miss the services and how close to God I feel when I am in an Orthodox sanctuary.
I miss visiting the monasteries in California (St. Xenia Skete in Wildwood & St. Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina).


Trapeza at St. Herman of Alaska Monastery in Platina California

The first picture above is of the trapeza at Platina.
My son helped build I think it was the reader’s stand but it is not in the photo.
I have been here many times and dined here many times.
I miss it.


St. Xenia Skete – Wildwood California

The second photo above is of St. Xenia Skete, one of the buildings, but I think it is the chapel.  The nuns all built all the buildings themselves.

Oh did I mention that both monasteries are wilderness monasteries … off the grid …

I remember staying overnight at Wildwood and it was so cold and I couldn’t get the wood stove to work so I slept in my coat … but I so did not want to leave Wildwood.

I know I will never again be able to visit in my lifetime.  I so wish there were Orthodox monasteries out here close by.

But, there are two churches: one in Springfield and one in Claremont.  I know more people at Claremont because my son and daughter-in-law and grandkids went there for a while before they left Orthodoxy 😦    and now they are deeply involved in their new church and that’s great!

But my stomach hurts when I think of them leaving Orthodoxy … they both had been Orthodox since they were around 18 years old so that’s a long time.  But, some things happened a few years ago that hurt their hearts (nothing against them, just something major that someone they loved very much did and it caused our original group to scatter to find canonical churches – long story) and it weighed heavily on their hearts for a long time until they made the decision to leave Orthodoxy behind.

I plan to visit the Springfield Orthodox Church this Sunday and try it out.  It is much much smaller than Claremont’s but that’s probably a good thing.  🙂